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What is baptism?

What is baptism? In the early Church, candidates for baptism gathered in the dark of night, naked, to wade into the deep. This was no conventional rite. They threw off their clothes to show themselves naked before God—without secrets, without shame. As one ancient writer says, ‘Casting off these fading leaves which veil our lives,…
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Why go to Church?

The Church is called to be “an oasis of leisure and silence and gratitude” (Timothy Radcliffe, What is the Point of Being a Christian? p. 128). We come here seeking our true home and, perhaps, the sense of enchantment we have lost. We come here with many other seekers, wayfarers on the journey to God.…
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Services Times

Find out about our church services and
what to expect at each service.

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Isaiah stained Glass window at ST Peters Anglican Church Sourhtport

Our Church Year

Find out about our annual events and learn
about the Anglican church calendar.

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Questions & Answers

Get the answers to some basic questions
about the church and its services.

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Get Involved

What join some events or help out around
the church? Find out how.

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