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Beanies For St Johns CC

Beanies For St Johns CC

With winter coming, St Johns Crisis Centre would like some help with warm clothes. Some people are knitting beanies to help. below are all the details you need to know help knit your own.



8Ply wool (100gm)

Using No 9 needles cast on 116 stitches and work 4 inches band in K2, P2, Rib

and work 4 inches band in K2, P2, Rib

Change to No 7 needles and work K2, P2, Rib for 32 rows.


Right side facing K2, P2 together across row

2nd row                 K1, P2 across row

3rd row                  K2, P1 across row

4th row                  K1, P2 across row

5th row                  K2 together, K1 across row

6th row                  Purl

7th row                  Knit

8th row                  Purl


Break off wool leaving enough to pull through stitches, pull up and stitch up seam, neatly reverse seam for fold up brim.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ONE COLOUR SCARF

8Ply wool (100gm)                           1pair 4.00mm Needles

Cast on 44 stitches

1st row                  K4, *P4, K4, repeat from * to end

2nd row                 P4, *K4, P4, repeat from * to end


Repeat these 2 rows until scarf measures 120cm from cast on edge. Cast off loosely.

To Finish:

Sew on ends. We finished one scarfs with 8cm long tassels and one with 10cm long fringes.

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