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  • Toxic or liberating? The stories we tell ourselves 02/01/2021
    Richard Holloway joins the podcast from Edinburgh to explore how the stories we tell ourselves create the rules we live by and the meaning we make of our existence. Richard tells some of his story as he looks at the narratives of the Judeo-Christian tradition and the way down the ages myth has morphed into […]
  • Janice McRandal: The Domestic is the Political 04/12/2020
    Dr Janice McRandal joins the podcast to talk about relationships, family and gender norms in our culture and the misogyny that is present in our most personal social structures. Janice argues that unless feminism has a place in the home, in the everyday moments of our lives, there can be no feminism at all because […]
  • Tripp Fuller: Is God as nice as Jesus? 09/11/2020
    Dr Tripp Fuller, author, theologian and host of Homebrewed Christianity joins Peter, Sue and Dom from Edinburgh to talk about the big question of who is the one we call Jesus the Christ. What did God do in Christ that we couldn't do for ourselves? Tripp's latest book, Divine Self-Investment, explores an answer to that […]