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  • OTW - Faith in a time of Fear 24/03/2020
    In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, what are healthy ways of responding? How do we find ways to be community and be the best humans we can be in a time of anxiety?  Like everyone else, Dom, Sue, and Peter are just coming to terms with the rapidly changing face of a pandemic. In […]
  • On the Way- Peter Greste and the Abyss of Truth 06/03/2020
    What is truth? Are our opinions and beliefs being driven by narratives of which we are only dimly aware? What is the role of good journalism in revealing current events and the stories of people we may never know but whose lives are connected with our own or our nation’s story? Peter Greste joins Dom, […]
  • On The Way - The Western Dreaming 12/02/2020
    Is the West dying for a better story? In this special live podcast recorded at St John’s Cathedral, organisational psychologist Dr Neil Preston joins Dom, Sue and Peter to discuss whether the West has forgotten how to tell its story, and how the crisis of meaning can be traced to the loss of a shared […]