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  • On The Way - The Western Dreaming 12/02/2020
    Is the West dying for a better story? In this special live podcast recorded at St John’s Cathedral, organisational psychologist Dr Neil Preston joins Dom, Sue and Peter to discuss whether the West has forgotten how to tell its story, and how the crisis of meaning can be traced to the loss of a shared […]
  • On The Way - Making Peace with the Shadow 10/01/2020
    We all carry with us the ego ideal of ourselves and the New Year can be a time when we put more energy into striving to live into that image. But there is also the part of ourselves which is far from our ideal and which we would all rather not face. What does it […]
  • Tim Costello on hope, faith and love 06/12/2019
    In our final interview from the Byron Writers Festival, Dom Fay and Sue Grimmett are joined by Tim Costello to talk about the kind of faith that begets hope, leading us to live everyday lives of love in the ordinary but also in the challenging days before us both individually and as a society. This […]