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  • On The Way - A Different Way to Be 20/01/2019
    Dom Fay, Peter Catt and Sue Wilton are joined by Dave Andrews to explore "Plan Be"- the ethical guidelines laid out by Jesus in The Beatitudes that can help us be the change we want to see in the world. This is about a way of being that helps us live into our deepest potential […]
  • On The Way - Political Correctness Gone Mad 17/12/2018
    Happy Christmas or Seasons Greetings? And what jokes and topics of conversation are okay to bring out these holidays at parties and family BBQs? In this episode Peter Catt, Dom Fay and Sue Wilton discuss the emotions around being “PC”, explore what is really felt to be at stake and how we can navigate this territory as people of […]
  • On The Way - Dreams with George Trippe 17/11/2018
    Ever wondered what your dreams might reveal? Dr George Trippe rejoins Dom, Peter and Sue in a conversation about how the symbols and images of our dreams and nightmares can be a language of rich spiritual insight, wisdom and self-knowledge.