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  • Season of Creation 11/10/2020
    On the Way has gone on the road to Toowoomba to celebrate the Season of Creation with The Rev'd Deb Bird during the Carnival of Flowers in the garden city. The Season of Creation restores the focus of our essential interconnectedness to all life on the earth and offers the opportunity to offer a response […]
  • Rob Bell: Everything is Spiritual 26/09/2020
    What if life is an endless invitation? Rob Bell joins Peter, Dom and Sue to talk about the creative, life-giving work of Spirit, endlessly creating new forms and possibilities in the world. Rob is a speaker and author of ten books, including his latest, "Everything is Spiritual" where he explores his own faith journey and […]
  • The Inner Self with Hugh Mackay 28/08/2020
    Author and social researcher Hugh Mackay joins the podcast to delve into that most searching question, “Who am I, really?”  Peter, Dom and Sue join Hugh in conversation about his book, The Inner Self, exploring ways we hide from the truth about ourselves and find courage for the demands of love as we live into […]