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  • On The Way - Christians Like Us Special 15/05/2019
    SBS recently aired a reality television experience called Christians Like Us, describing it as "10 Christians from around Australian, living together for one week. From conservative to progressive, Catholic to Anglican, charismatic to controversial - each confronting the issues that challenge their respective faiths." The results are an interesting study in the challenges facing the […]
  • On The Way - Climate Change 15/04/2019
    Meteorologist, Climate Scientist and Eco-theologian, Dr Mick Pope joins the podcast to talk¬† climate change, the future of our planet and the response of communities of faith. Mick outlines the history of the science, the most pressing evidence which prompts us to action, and why the church and other religious traditions have a part to […]
  • On the Way- The cruciform pattern 27/03/2019
    How do we move from faith as a fixed set of beliefs to a transformative event that transforms and renews our life? And how can living into the events of Holy Week and the new day of Easter together change us in ways that can be different every time we enter this old story? Dom […]