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  • The Death of Christendom 23/07/2020
    Dom, Peter and Sue catch up to chat about the way this time of crisis has been bringing into sharp focus the urgency of continuing to challenge the Christianity which has  throughout history been colonised by power structures and co-opted by empire. It seems that some of the veneer of "civilised society" has been stripped […]
  • Finding A Contemplative Way Forward 13/05/2020
    The Rev'd Dr Sarah Bachelard joins Dom, Sue and Peter in a conversation about the creative possibilities of a contemplative life to ground us in the midst of uncertain times.  How do we find a way in times of anxiety to "be with what is", rather than try to resist what cannot be changed?  Join […]
  • On the Way- Discipleship from a Distance 05/04/2020
    Peter, Dom and Sue are joined by author and previous podcast guest, Jim Schirmer to talk about being the church in a time where we have to be disciples distanced from one another. What does it mean to be walking the way of the cross in a time of pandemic and to be resurrection people […]