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St Peter’s Anglican Church Gold Coast


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ADVENT IV – Carols

22 December 2019

7:00 pm

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ADVENT II – Coolamon Singers

08 December 2019

9:30 am

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ADVENT I – Lights turned on

01 December 2019

7:00 pm

Join us for a BBQ at St Peter’s Church as we get ready to turn on our wonderful Christmas Lights.

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24 November 2019

3:30 pm

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Welcome To St Peter's Church Gold Coast

Welcome to St Peter’s Anglican Church Gold Coast! Whether you are just ‘passing through’ or considering making St Peter’s your spiritual home, allow me to tell you something about our Church.

Firstly: we value our tradition. Our services of worship are, for the most part, Eucharistic. That is, we focus our worship on the presence of Christ encountered in the bread and wine of the Service of Holy Communion.

Secondly: we value you. We do so enjoy meeting new people, and if we can possibly find a reason to socialize with you (over a cup of tea, at a BBQ or even at our occasional wine and cheese evenings,) we will! If you break bread with us you are one of the family.

Thirdly, we value the grace of God at work in our lives. We live in a beautiful place—the glorious Gold Coast—and God has blessed us with much. How can we not share this?!

Finally (because these sorts of lists need to end somewhere,) we value the community in which we find ourselves: by offering gifts of worship, prayer and music that all are welcome to be part of.


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Readings 24 November

Jeremiah 23.1-6 Song of Zachariah Colossians 1.11-20 Luke 23.33-43

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Readings 17 November

Isaiah 65.17-25 Song of Isaiah 2 Thessalonians 3.6-13 Luke 21.5-19

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SP.ARK Group

Our SPARK program runs from 9.30 am to 10.15 am every Sunday during the school term. It follows what we are doing in church and combines, arts, crafts, stories and singing. There is no cost to it and we normally get 9 or more children each week.

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